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Green Painting in Austin, TX

Most people think of “Green” paints as having low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) emission levels, but there are several other important distinctions and benefits that separate today’s Sherwin Williams GREEN paints from products that were available just a few years ago.

Benefits of Green Painting Products

In addition to reducing VOC levels to near zero, these eco-friendly paints:

  • Are low odor so they don’t overwhelm your house with a “new paint” smell
  • Have improved coverage and hiding levels so less paint is required to finish the job
  • Have tough, washable surfaces that can be scrubbed and cleaned without degrading
  • Have anti-microbial properties that help resist mold and mildew

Other added benefits of GREEN painting include greater efficiencies in the production process that require fewer natural resources and utilize recycled resources whenever they are appropriate.

Austin Eco-Friendly House Painters

Our eco-friendly paints are suitable for interior or exterior wall surfaces. With premium performance and environmentally-friendly benefits, our Green Painting service is a deal you cannot miss; Contact us today for a free estimate!